Frequently asked questions

  • Can I monitor specific groups as part of my social media monitoring?

    Yes, but only open groups that you have admin rights to. You can then track specific company profiles using keywords.

  • Can I monitor different types of posts separately in social media monitoring?

    Yes, depending on the type of article, you can filter by article, post, comment, retweet or discussion.

  • Is it possible to detect the tonality of posts in Mediaboard?

    Yes, we divide tonality or sentiment into four categories – neutral, positive, ambivalent and negative. It is primarily determined by machine, but can be adjusted manually. We determine it for both traditional and social media.

  • How far into the past can I search the archives?

    The earliest online references can be traced back to 1990. From 1997 onwards you can also find printed media in the archive.

  • What countries can I follow?

    You can follow sources not only from the Czech Republic, but also from Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Austria and Hungary. But we can also monitor sources from many other countries, not only in Europe. Online monitoring can be individually adapted to the needs of the client almost without limitations.

  • I want to test the Mediaboard, who should I contact?

    Just register on our website. Our sales team will contact you immediately.

  • How long is the trial access? Will it cost me anything?

    The trial access is for 14 days and is completely free. Access will be automatically disabled after 14 days.

  • How much does the Mediaboard cost?

    The price of a Mediaboard depends on the amount of features you order. In particular, the media types and regions monitored, and other features such as access to analytics, media player, or sending reports play a role. Our sales representatives will be happy to provide you with a tailored offer.

  • Can multiple users access the Mediaboard?

    Of course. You can choose either the “multiuser” option, where an unlimited number of users can log in to one account under one login at the same time. Or we offer a variant with a main workspace and individual user accounts. Each user then logs in with their own login. The workspace is shared by all, but individual users have their own export basket, for example, which they can work with independently of the others.