How does it work?

Content in context

We enable real-time analysis and measurement of customer behaviour on social media. It is possible to monitor multiple topics and compare results on a daily basis.

A quick overview of the situation

Monitora tracks and clearly visualises individual mentions from your existing or potential customers. You’ll get immediate feedback and can react quickly.

Social network analysis

We offer regular social media analysis to give you a picture of what’s happening on blogs, discussions, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, online videos, comments, price comparisons and other sources.


Reports that you will enjoy reading. Reports are typically boring and full of useless information. With us it’s different! We generate clear reports that provide you with useful information, often of a strategic nature. We can send reports regularly on a daily or weekly basis. The report contains detailed information, graphs and infographics in a clear and easy to understand format.

Unique coverage with a focus on local media

Instantly see results from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, blogs, discussion forums, online portals or online review aggregators, video portals.