In this part of the application, you can easily create custom analytical dashboards according to the parameters you need. Build clear and visually interesting presentations that you can easily share with colleagues or present at a meeting. The monitors are customizable and you can add your own notes, images or specific articles from the monitoring to the dashboards in addition to the charts you know from Analytics.

Each section of the dashboard can be customized to fit your needs. The individual parts, or widgets, can be moved, enlarged or shrunk to fit your dashboard.

In the “dashboards” module, you can add widgets from different categories – analytics, statistics, posts, TVR alerts or media player.

To add the first widget, click on one of the categories, select the topics and then the chart type. Finally, click on “add”.

You can then add more widgets by clicking the “add widget” button. You can also set the date in the dashboard, which all charts will be adjusted to.