AVE and sentiment


The AVE (Advertising Value Equivalent) coefficient represents the financial evaluation of media activities. It is the equivalent of what the space gained by the content would cost in terms of the value of the advertising space according to the price list of the given media.

For the machine calculation of AVE we use the following variables:

  • unit price of advertising in a given medium (e.g.: price per standard page in print / 1s of broadcast news on TV or radio)
  • size of the article in the press / length of the report on TV or radio
  • the amount of information devoted to the topic within the article

In Mediaboard, we can automatically calculate AVEs for most articles for which we have the necessary data. If you are interested in this service, just let us know! You can try this extension service like all other extension services.


Automated Sentiment is a great service if you need to create media analysis from the outputs or work with the outputs further. Mediaboard can use machine learning and a dictionary database to determine the sentiment of an article and then assign it to the article via smileys:

If you are interested in this service, just let us know! Like all other extension services, you can try this extension service on a no-obligation basis.