Filtration of articles

Filter rail

In the filter bar you will find several options to sort and filter articles.

DATE – you can sort articles by date of publication/release. You can either use quick presets or select specific dates.

SOURCE – Using the Source filter, you can filter articles by media type – online/print/TV/radio/podcasts, or by specific source or publisher. You can search for a specific source (SOURCE -> Search box) or select multiple sources in the menu (SOURCE -> Select Sources).

AUTHOR – you can also search by a specific author simply by entering the author’s name in the Author filter and Mediaboard will search for articles by that author only.

LANGUAGE – you can filter by language in two ways. Either filter by the country of origin of the source or by the language of the source.

SENTIMENT – you can also filter by sentiment, i.e. the value message of the articles.

NOTES – any note can be added to each article. You can then filter articles according to the attached notes. You can search for all articles that contain any note, or search for a specific note.

ARTICLE TYPE – you can also filter by the type of the post itself; you can search, for example, only for posts that are like posts from social media, or perhaps from discussions, or transcribed voice messages into text (radio, podcasts), or your own articles.

Filtration by topic

Articles can be filtered according to set topics. An overview of the set topics is displayed in the left side menu. To generate articles from only one topic, just click on the topic in this menu. You can also select several topics at once.

Filtration by labels

In addition to notes, you can also attach labels to articles. An overview of the labels is shown in the left side menu. Articles that have a label attached to them can be filtered simply by clicking on the label in the side menu. This will generate only articles with that label.