Email reports

Email reports can be set up for individual people or groups of people. For example, you can send only the most important information to some employees and complete information for all specified topics to other users.
Some events you need to know immediately, some you just need as a weekly or monthly summary or infographic. The system adapts to you and your colleagues to report only the right information at the right time.

We have paid special attention to the reports. We’ve edited them so that they form a comprehensive source of information about your company, brand or competitors. The reports are automatically sent to a specified e-mail or e-mails, to an RSS reader or directly to your Intranet.


Automatic reports can be set up in the Reports section. You can set up any reports for each topic or group of topics, each report can have different recipients and different sending frequencies. Reports can contain one or more topics.


In addition to the automated regular reports, you can also create and send your own reports. In these “adhoc” reports you can add articles from both monitoring and archive. You can send these manually created reports to any recipients and according to the settings you choose.

How to do it?
A) Forward from Export
– paste selected articles into Export using the icon below the initial chart. You can insert articles from both monitoring and archive into the export. You can then SUBMIT the articles in the Export.

B) Forward from Monitoring – you can quickly forward selected articles using the orange icon below the initial chart.

And all this in a user-friendly environment that you know, for example, from Gmail.