Creating your own articles

The user can create a custom article in the Mediaboard app. This article will only be available to users under the same account.

Article creation

You can create an article by using the button above the articles in the Posts section or by using the button in the My Articles section. The My Articles section displays all user-created articles. During creation, the user can set several parameters, some of which are mandatory:

  • mediatype,
  • date of publication,
  • language,
  • time (optional),
  • text of the article (optional).

You can also attach a source file (e.g. image, video, sound, etc.) to the article. Supported formats vary depending on the chosen media type. The maximum size of the source file is 500 MB. The source file can then be processed using Mediaboard AI technologies for OCR (optical character recognition) or Voice-to-Text transcription. These technologies have a 30-day limit listed in the My Articles section. To increase the limits, please contact your sales representative.

After the article is created, it is automatically processed, which includes keyword analysis. The processing time depends, for example, on the size of the source file. The user can monitor the processing progress in the My Articles section. After processing, the article is also displayed in the Posts section and according to the keywords it contains, it is sorted under the topic.


The article can be edited in the My Articles section, but the source file can no longer be changed. To change the source article, the article must be deleted and recreated with a new source file.


User-created articles are entered into the analytics only in the Number of articles section, where they are classified under the selected media type.