Media analysis

Media analysis is a structured and clear analysis of the image that the media creates about the subject or issue under study in a given period of time. It maps the content, thematic and temporal structure of media presentation of a particular subject over a specified period of time on a selected sample of media. The subject of the analysis may be an economic entity, an event, a person or a place.

Media analyses are created according to individual requirements and can be selected from dozens of criteria that correspond to standard international methodology.

Media analyses reveal deeper connections, highlight trends, confirm or refute hypotheses, provide quantitative and qualitative information, and facilitate strategic decision-making.

The basic analysis parameters include:

  • Development of media coverage – the temporal development of media coverage of the analysed subject.
  • Number of mentions by media type
  • Sentiment
  • Top sources and publishers that most frequently cover the topic, subject
  • Top authors
  • Topical analysis of media coverage
  • Comparison with competitors
  • Share of Voice